Hobo® DF-H3 Water Cleaning Boat/River Cleaning Boat

Autonomous identification: search, locate and track, accurate and efficient Path planning: cleaning path planning, daily cruise cleaning Obstacle avoidance navigation: automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic navigation Navigation accuracy: effective control of speed, yaw, turning radius and other parameters Automatic return: automatic return at low power and intelligent return at full load Unmanned operation: A variety of control methods combined, remote control + central control + mobile phone (tablet) mobile terminal Environmental detection: hydrology, water quality, meteorological real-time data detection Data collection and transmission: real-time detection data collection and transmission of collected data

Products Details

Hobo® DF-H3 river cleaning boat/robot is a medium-sized unmanned net chain water cleaning robot which integrates collecting, fishing, transportation and unloading. Hobo® DF-H3 river cleaning boat/water cleaning robot has the outstanding advantages of high identification accuracy, high fishing efficiency, large cleaning capacity and anti-sinking of the body. The river cleaning boat/robot has a well-designed structure and is convenient for transportation and transfer. It is capable of cleaning large, medium and small water areas such as urban rivers, parks and amusement places.Aggregate device, fishing and conveying device, anti-sinking floating body, storage and unloading device, energy board, operation center.


Technical specification

Length of floating body


Total height


Total width


Molded breadth


Moulded depth




Light draught depth


Full draught depth


Max. speed


Cleaning capacity


Max. collecting depth


Max. collecting width


High precision navigation Global path planning Intelligent obstacle avoidance Trajectory of navigationSuper cleaning capacity Adapt to variety of waters Independent gathering, collection, loading and unloading Combination of multiple control modes

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