Hobo® DF-H4 Water Cleaning Boat/River Cleaning Boat

Autonomous identification: search, locate and track, accurate and efficient Path planning: cleaning path planning, daily cruise cleaning Obstacle avoidance navigation: automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic navigation Navigation accuracy: effective control of speed, yaw, turning radius and other parameters Data collection and transmission: collect detection data in real time and send back collected data and pictures Environmental detection: hydrology, water quality, meteorological real-time data detection Human-computer interaction: voice interaction, multimedia interaction Early warning return: low energy automatic return, full load intelligent return, monitoring and fault alarm Unmanned operation: a variety of control methods combined, independent decision + remote control + central control + mobile phone (tablet) mobile terminal

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Hobo® DF-H4 river/water cleaning boat/robot has the outstanding advantages of high recognition accuracy, high fishing efficiency, high transport efficiency, entertainment, interactive promotion and so on. The cleaning boat/robot has two models and is suitable for cleaning various large, medium and small water areas such as urban rivers, lakes, parks and scenic spots.Anti-sinking floating body, fishing device, aggregating device, built-in storage tank, propulsion system, monitoring system.Hobo® DF-H4 river cleaning boat/robot is a net chain type water surface cleaning boat/robot that integrates collecting, fishing, transportation and unloading. According to different application scenarios, it is subdivided into Hobo® DF-H4S, small water surface cleaning boat/robot and Hobo® DF-H4M, medium water surface cleaning boat/robot.


Technical specification DF-H4S

Technical specification DF-H4M

Volume of storage tank (L)



Overall dimension (mm)



Unladen weight (kg)



Draft (mm)



Max. Speed (km/h)



Endurance (km)



Time of endurance (h)



Total power (kW)



Charging time(h)



Grade of resistance to the wind and waves

Grade 4

Grade 4

Features of floating body

Anti - collision, anti - sinking, anti - tilting

Anti - collision, anti - sinking, anti - tilting

Pure electric drive Precision navigation Autonomous cleaning Stability controlSelf-identification Path planning Intelligent control Data collection

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