Intelligent unmanned Hobo DF-H4 River Cleaning Boat /River Cleaning Robot

Main functions: Hobo DF-H4 river cleaning boat/robot is a net chain water cleaning boat/robot that integrates collecting, fishing, transportation and unloading. Main advantages: high recognition accuracy, high salvage efficiency, high transport efficiency, Interactive entertainment and so on. Application: This type of river cleaning boat has two models, DF-H4S and DF-H4M, is widely used in cleaning large, medium and small water areas such as urban rivers, lakes, parks and scenic spots.

Products Details

Hobo DF-H4 river cleaning boat/water cleaning boat is one type of the water conservancy environmental protection intelligent equipment researched and developed by Dongfang Water Conservancy. This type of cleaning boat/cleaning robot is mainly used to clean up the float trashes (such as duckweed, a small amount of water hyacinth, grass, leaves, living garbage, water corrosion, algae, mud, etc.) in city river, scenic area, park amusement as well as small rivers and lakes, with automatic unmanned salvage and routine maintenance operations (intelligent water surface cleaning). The cleaning boat/robot has such functions as independent identification, detection and search for water surface material, precision for material identification, location and tracking, autonomous path planning and navigation, autonomous obstacle avoidance, intelligent speed, garbage collection, low battery automatic return, full load intelligent return and monitoring alarm, which can realize unmanned water surface float trash salvage operations and intelligent control operation. In addition, it can also perform real-time detection, implement emergency rescue, collect hydrological and water quality meteorological data, and wireless transmission to the company's big data processing center, to achieve the purpose of comprehensive treatment of water environment.


Technical specification DF-H4S

Technical specification DF-H4M

Volume of storage tank (L)



Overall dimension (mm)



Unladen weight (kg)



Draft (mm)



Max. Speed (km/h)



Endurance (km)



Time of endurance (h)



Total power (kW)



Charging time(h)



Grade of resistance to the wind and waves

Grade 4

Grade 4

Features of floating body

Anti - collision, anti - sinking, anti - tilting

Anti - collision, anti - sinking, anti - tilting

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